Release 814

What’s New
The following are the new features, enhancements and changes in Actifio CDS and Sky release 8.1.4:
• SAP HANA Database Management:
Actifio now supports data management of SAP HANA database applications. You can now protect SAP
HANA databases using:
o HANA storage snapshot APIs while leveraging Actifio Linux CBT and LVM snapshot to realize
incremental forever backups.
o HANA file-based API to realize traditional backups with option to configure weekly full and daily
incremental backups.
o Option to back up HANA logs.
Automated discovery, backup and recovery of HANA databases
Log roll forward option to recover HANA database to any point in time
Automated deployment of virtual copies (AppAware mount) for TDM use cases
Supports a broad range of SAP HANA configurations:
o Single container system (HANA 1.0)
o MDC: Multiple container systems (HANA 2.0) with one tenant database
o MDC: Multiple container systems (HANA 2.0) with more than one tenant database
o Scale-out MDC: Multiple container systems (HANA 2.0) with one or more tenant database
o Scale-out MDC: Local HA (N active hosts + 1 or more standby nodes)
• VMware 6.7: Actifio now supports VMware vCenter 6.7 U1 release.
• Oracle 18c: Actifio now supports protecting Oracle 18c databases.2 | | Actifio CDS & Sky 8.1 Release Notes
Note : Oracle 18c is not supported on HP-UX operating systems.
• Actifio Sky on Alibaba Cloud: Actifio now supports Sky deployment on Alibaba cloud.